On 8/1/1984 it began with the establishment of a free car workshop, quickly developed into a focal point for customers with specific technical needs and problems. In addition to normal vehicle everything from bicycles to combine was repaired. Soon, the first part restorations on vehicles of the 50's to 70's followed. By moving to a new location in the fall of 1986, the available surface area considerably increased  and straightening bench, lathe, milling machine, etc.  have been purchased in order to be able to do as much work 'in house'. An apprentice has been engaged. The interest in old vehicles and special tasks grew in the same proportion as it abated in everyday vehicles and routine repairs. Since early 2000, I deal exclusively with the maintenance, repair and restoration of classic vehicles in the broadest sense, but with a focus on motorcycle. Added to this was the manufacture of parts and small series for classic cars, children cars, furniture and many other areas. Another activity is the repair or manufacture of building hardware for historic buildings and the design of objects.