Timeless, Replik 'Model N°. 6' from 1910

Since November 2009 I offer this complete replicas from the pioneering days of the motorcycle. They are very authentic and are produced in the United States. The 'model N°. 6' from Milwaukee serves as a template, according to the original the choice of the shade has dropped to 'Renault Gray'. Both versions have been available in black, too. After ten years I stop this business and there are only two last examples for sale.

Technical data:

Single-cylinder four-stroke engine with automatic inlet valve and battery ignition, power of about three kW of almost 500 cc at around 2200 rpm, top speed about 70 km/h with no wind, engine and clutch on adjustable leather straps, wheels 28x 2.1 / 2, Weight appr. 105 kg.


Board track racer, black, new Euro 11.518,00

Street version, around 320 miles on the road Euro 12.495,00

Prices are quoted ex Luedersfeld.


These reconstructions correspond to the technical level of 1910 and are not suitable for use on public roads. Therefore, they are offered solely for exhibition purposes and therefore not subject to standard warranty provisions for motor vehicles. The buyer aknowledges with the conclusion of the contract, that any kind of guarantee or warranty is excluded.